The American Society of Magazine Editors announced the nominations for the National Magazine Awards. Among the pieces is Adam Gopnik's "Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli," in the September 30, 2002, issue of The New Yorker, about his young daughter's imaginary friend, Charlie Ravioli, who was always too busy for her. While Gothamist understands that Gopnik's piece was a metaphor for the increasingly busy lives we lead, Gothamist also feels for young Olivia Gopnik, resorting to developing imaginary friends to forward a self esteem downward spiral.

An interview with Adam Gopnik

A sermon inspired by the story of Charlie Ravioli.

Children's watch groups also feel that Gopnik's story is very telling about the state of our lives these days: "If you Google it," said Gopnik, "you find people using Charlie Ravioli as an idiom for `my intimate but inaccessible friend.' "