sweetcharity.jpgTwo new locations in the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace neighborhoods of Brooklyn have discovered that giving is one way to bring in the people.

Sweet Charity, a new boutique on 7th Ave., donates a portion of its profits to two animal sanctuaries, one in Watkins Glen, New York. Sweet Charity has a variety of lovely, and unique, gifts, from vintage table linens to floral gardening hats and jewelry. Gothamist is currently enamored with the floppy gardening hat with matching gloves; it just might be strange to be seen wearing them while watering our one lonely houseplant. However, it is the perfect place to find a special gift while giving to some needy animals as well. Gothamist bought some Mothers' Day gifts there; Mom was delighted.

Lonelyville Coffee, a bit outside the Slope on Prospect Park Southwest (okay, the NY Times says it's in Windsor Terrace), serves a variety of coffee and simple fare with a 50's feel. The proceeds from their old fashioned candies and duck food (intended to feed the ducks at Prospect Park lake across the street), are donated to Animal Haven Shelter. In their first month alone, a tough time for any new business, Lonelyville raised $100 for animals in need. So, while Gothamist enjoyed an ice coffee and one excellent cupcake, Gothamist baby got philanthropic with some creme caramels and candied fruit slices. In addition, Lonelyville's owners are planning a fall food drive and to participate in NY Cares Winter Wishes Program.

Gothamist feels that the potential for charity themed businesses is endless. Grocery stores could donate to the hungry; bars could support rehab centers. What's your favorite way to 'give'?

More information on charitable giving.