While Lindsay Lohan did call the police on a man who allegedly attacked her at the W Union Square hotel (she pulled the fire alarm at one point), the charges against Christian LaBella were dropped. Why? Because cops couldn't find any marks on her.

Apparently Lohan met LaBella—who happens to be a current or former staffer of Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois—at a Meatpacking District club. The Post reports:

At around 3 a.m. yesterday, Lohan and several pals hit the 1Oak club on West 17th Street, where Christian LaBella, 25, a hunky low-level aide to Republican Illinois Rep. John Shimkus, sidled up to one of her lackeys to get close to the star, sources said.

After about an hour, the group left for Lohan’s suite on the 15th floor of the W Hotel on Park Avenue South near Union Square.

They partied there until 5:45 a.m. when Lohan, 26, started playing around with LaBella’s phone and found pictures and videos of her he’d taken that night, the sources said.

Lohan apparently freaked out and demanded he erase them—she allegedly told authorities that he fought with her, throwing her on the bed. She supposedly ran into a bathroom to flee him, and then ran into the hallway where LaBella allegedly attacked her. A friend of hers got him off and then Lohan "yanked on a fire alarm and called 911. LaBella, unable to use an elevator because they had all been disabled when the alarm went off, was stopped by cops in the stairwell."

While LaBella was taken to a stationhouse, the charges were dropped because police couldn't find any visible signs of the alleged assault on Lohan. Instead, Lohan and LaBella filed cross harassment complaints. Lohan's representative said the lack of charges was "outrageous." And Shimkus's office said of LaBella, who posts images of himself with famous people (like the Kardashians), “Obviously, the congressman does not condone his actions."

Lohan's mother Dina told the Daily News, "She’s very shaken up. Thank God he didn’t have a weapon." And her father said ominously, "Wait till I get this guy."

A friend explained that Lohan is paranoid about photographs taken of her because of her recent troubles, while another said that she left the hotel yesterday for Dina Lohan's house on Long Island—and that the whole ordeal triggered an asthma attack. Lindsay Lohan was recently hospitalized for an asthma attack that occurred after her arrest for leaving the scene of an accident when she allegedly hit a pedestrian near another Meatpacking nightclub.