The long-awaited return of the third season of Chappelle's Show will actually be an even longer-awaited return, as Comedy Central has yanked the premiere and stopped production. Augh!! Even though it's funny, seeing "The Niggas" for the literally 50th time is wearing on us! But enough about us, as we'll take The Mad Real World any day. Variety's article (registration req'd) said Chappelle had to "seek treatment for unspecified personal issues." Personal issues after getting $50 million for two more seasons of Chappelle's Show? Blog loosie has a lot of dirt, saying that insiders on the set confirm that Chappelle's behavior is "increasingly erratic; he regularly arrives hours late for shooting and has disappeared for days at a time without offering an explanation for his absence." Also, loosie reports that a "demented-looking" Dave Chappelle was at a Midtown ATM last week, where it took a minute for the ATM to spit out all the cash and he forgot about his card, leaving it to another customer to run after him with the card. As the report goes, Chappelle thanked her in a slurred speech and "has not returned to the set" since.

Hmm. Gothamist hopes that this will turn out more like "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" than an "E! True Hollywood Story" where the focus of the story dies. We will just watch Half-Baked again and keep our fingers crossed.