Chance the Rapper may not be dropping his album this week, but he did drop four new tracks at midnight... and we're here to talk about one of them, "I Might Need Security." Listen up, and you'll hear some pretty big news dropped in there: "I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches outta business."

It's true. The deal took place between WNYC and Chance the Rapper’s Social Media LLC. Chicagoist, the second "-ist" site (which launched in 2004), was acquired this year by WNYC.

"I’m extremely excited to be continuing the work of the Chicagoist, an integral local platform for Chicago news, events and entertainment,” said Chance The Rapper. “WNYC’s commitment to finding homes for the -ist brands, including Chicagoist, was an essential part of continuing the legacy and integrity of the site. I look forward to re-launching it and bringing the people of Chicago an independent media outlet focused on amplifying diverse voices and content."

Laura Walker, President and CEO, New York Public Radio, which includes WNYC, released this statement: “We are delighted that the Chicagoist assets are finding a new home in the hands of a proud Chicagoan. WNYC has a strong commitment to local journalism and building community, and we are pleased that these assets will be used to support local coverage in the great city of Chicago.”

Chance, a Chicago native whose parents have worked in city and state government, is a community activist and self-proclaimed "proud product" of Chicago Public Schools — he donated $1 million and raised another $1.2 million last year to help the underfunded CPS system. In November, he attended a Chicago city council meeting to criticize plans for a proposed $95 million police academy, suggesting the money would be better spent on schools. "Obviously schooling is my big thing, but there’s a lot of ways to transform the city that don’t have anything to do with police training," he said.

While paying tribute to him as he received a BET Humanitarian Award, Michelle Obama — who has known him since he was a baby; his father worked for then-Senator Barack Obama — said, "Chance has been taking that big, bright spotlight that follows him around and he’s shining it on young people in our hometown of Chicago. Time and again he has been standing up, speaking out and doing the work to get kids in our community the education they deserve. And with these passionate efforts, Chance is showing our young people that they matter. That they have something inside of them that is worthy of being expressed, and that they have so much to contribute to their communities and to our country."

Earlier this year, he promised, "I’m gonna live in Chicago until the day I die, and I may go away a bit and tour but I’ll always come back and lobby for y’all."

On Saturday, Chance is headlining a concert in Chicago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics. He's also finishing up a new album, and working on another album with Kanye West this month in Chicago.

Here are the other three tracks Chance released along with "I Might Need Security."