2006_06_sewellchan.jpgThere's a fun article in the Observer today about NY Times Metro reporter Sewell Chan and his seemingly unending energy to churn out stories. Gabriel Sherman points out that he wrote four pieces yesterday (checking today's paper, Chan only has three pieces, but he contributed to another), making his byline appear an average of 1.15 times a day. There is amazement from colleagues (the Post's David Seifman says Chan is the only reporter to bring a laptop to City Hall) and wonder about whether or not he's too ambitious. But all in all, his efforts seem appreciated, as his journalism go-go-ism seems boundless:

And he is constantly offering pieces to editors. Wendell Jamieson, who edited Mr. Chan’s M.T.A. coverage last year, said Mr. Chan used to intercept him as he walked through the newsroom and follow him, suggesting ideas.

“There’s a lot of great, ambitious, smart reporters in the newsroom,” Mr. Jamieson said, “but he’s the only reporter I know who actually pitched me a story while I’ve been standing at the urinal in the men’s room.”

Hear that, aspiring reporters? Bathroom pitches are a new playing field. The article also notes some issues with Chan and how the Harvard Crimson mafia rules the Metro Section (there's Chan, Jennifer 8. Lee, and Michael Luo!).

Chan answered students' questions in the NY Times' "Ask a Reporter" section - it's all very cute. And the post title is a reference to Wayne Wang's Chan is Missing. Trust us.