Spin magazine, founded 26 years ago by Bob Guccione Jr., is the latest casualty in the world of print... sort of. The magazine will become a bimonthly, according to AdWeek, publishing just six issues a year, and shifting the focus more onto their web presence. They note, "The magazine also plans to cut its rate base to 350,000 to 450,000, an acknowledgment that the Web is replacing print for its mainly young, male readership."

Their print issues will be printed on larger, heavier paper stock (you can't feel that kind of weight by picking up a web page!), and each "will carry a theme," which they began earlier this year with issues focused on style and dance.

Looking back: the very first issue of Spin had Madonna on the cover, with coverage of U2 and Stryper inside! You can pick up the premiere print issue for 49 bucks on eBay... maybe the magazine could keep print alive by selling archived issues.