2007_02_Cesar_Gracia.jpgFebruary 10th and 17th, class is in session at the UCB Theater. Welcome to the Al Pacino School of Acting , where you learn from the master, portrayed by Cesar Gracia. Audience members will have the opportunity to pick up some of the tricks of the trade as Pacino calls them onstage and brings out the true auteur in them.

Miami got David Caruso; NYC got William Peterson. Who's better off?
I'm from Miami so you would think that I would be glued to it, but I have only seen it once so I can't judge.

You could totally see Peterson's balls in To Live and Die in LA. What would it take for you to appear nude in something?
I can't see myself in a serious love scene with my balls hanging out, it would kill it, but if it were for a good laugh I would probably go streaking.

Sometimes people are like, "I can't wait to see that movie. That chick in it is hot!" How hot does someone have to be to make a movie worth seeing and who are some examples?
I don't ever mind seeing a nice pair of boobs, but sometimes it can be pointless. Like Hale Berry in Swordfish; great boobs but pointless. I saw Swordfish; not the whole movie, just that scene. If it were a good movie I would see it anyway like U-Turn with Jennifer Lopez and Sean Penn. She so hot in that movie, but to me it was a bonus because I went to see a good Oliver Stone flick. Although, I did see Secretary for one reason: to see that chick get spanked. I take it back; I'm full of shit.

Would you say nudity is a sign of a good movie or a bad movie?
If a chick is getting spanked, good movie; if not, it better be an Oliver Stone film.

I often used to see bad movies in the theater, like Universal Soldier 2 and Battlefield Earth. And not in an ironic way either. I used to go in thinking, "That trailer had lots of explosions and guns! Looks promising." What are some of the worst movies you've seen in the theater?
Bordello of Blood was pretty bad. I know I've seen more bad ones, but I'm actually pretty good at avoiding them.

You're making a movie of your own. Tell me about it.
It's a mocumentary about the show that I'm doing "The Al Pacino School of Acting"
It will follow me doing the show, how it came to be but mainly its about dissecting Pacino's acting style.

How did the Al Pacino School of Acting Come to be?
Through Stand Up. I had about a 10 to 15 minute set with my closing bit being me imitating Pacino teaching a class, improving with the audience. It was a 3-minute bit, but I began to see that this could be a whole show where Pacino teaches an acting class and the audience is the students.

Do you go onstage with certain points that you want to hit as Al Pacino or do you go onstage as Al Pacino and just let him exist?
Both. There is a syllabus to the class, but I let him exist especially as soon as I bring somebody up. I'm no longer there; it's Al through and through. During the intro I can see in people's eyes that they start slowly buying it, so Al comes into existence and that also helps out.

If Al Pacino did have a school of acting, what would some of the courses there be?
He would actually teach acting; I say Shakespeare would be an intense semester with Mr.

Let's say that you work in an office building and really want a promotion, how would you look to the Pacino for inspiration?
To me Pacino is the boss that you need the promotion from. I'm going to have to go with DeNiro for inspiration.

If you're a young boy being bullied by some older kids, what would Pacino advise you do to ease your existence?
"What are you a fucking doormat? Don't let anyone walk over you."

It's two hours until your Philosophy exam and you've been partying hardcore all night. What does Pacino advise?
"Twenty years ago I would say take a shot of cocaine; today I think your fucked son."

Where would you like to see Al pop up next?
Being President of the USA.

Where should people expect to see you next?
After I'm done with the documentary, I think I'll give it a rest and create a new show. The Michael Keaton Cooking hour, also interactive.

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