Century 21 may be taking over 60,000 square feet near Lincoln Center, but the discount retailer is also expanding its 22 Cortlandt Street location. DNAinfo reports that Century 21 will, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, "add about 76,000 square feet of new retail space... including a cafe and additional dressing rooms and bathrooms."

It's all part of a plan that will also see improvements to the extremely popular location's existing 120,000 square foot space by "widening the aisles and spreading out the merchandise." The store's director of corporate relations Betty Cohen said, "What we want to do is make it a better shopping experience. Everything can be much more enjoyable. We want you to stay longer."

A Yelp reviewer said of the location, "Crowded, crowded, oh gosh darn it why are you so freaking crowded?! I had to slap someone's mother just to get to the exit door!"