Could these be our future pandas? Spotted earlier this year at Chengdu Research Base. (Getty)

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is hoping to bring two giant pandas to New York City. Currently there are no pandas in our any of our zoos, nor have there been any for decades.

"What's a panda?" — millennial native New Yorker.

Maloney will visit a Chinese nature preserve in mid-August as part of her initial efforts to make this happen—according to the Daily News, "Chinese officials encouraged her to fill out an application for a transfer at the Chengdu Research Base when she visits next month." She told the Post, “Pandas are a symbol of good luck. New York needs some good luck and happiness. We’ve had 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, the housing crisis.”

While the Bronx Zoo—which received pandas in the 1930s, and was loaned a pair of pandas in the 1980s—seems like the natural, spacious choice, should we get them, they will move into Central Park Zoo.

We called the Congresswoman's office to talk pandas—they are our unofficial mascot, after all—and will update if we receive any more information.

We're gonna need a bigger panda cake if this thing happens. (Gothamist)

In the meantime, did you know a New Yorker once had a panda as a pet in her apartment? Read more about that here.