While bald eagles fly over Fairway in Harlem, and rabid raccoons run rampant in Central Park... we can't help but wonder what's become of the coyote in the area. We've received several more reports of sightings; one three days ago at 5:30 p.m., another two days ago in the afternoon... and now a NY Times reader has sent in some great photographs of the little guy! The UWS resident spotted him walking past the pond in Central Park on Tuesday when "the animal came out of the Hallett Nature Sanctuary and walked across the frozen pond several times. It seemed timid and skittish and kept retreating back to the sanctuary—avoiding humans? It kept a watchful eye on me." The Parks Department still hasn't responded to our requests for comment about the coyote, so since he's still out there—why don't we give him a name? The 2006 Central Park coyote (RIP) was named Hal.