2006_03_hellokittycell.jpgOur cellfish ways have been examined by wireless cell retailer, LetsTalk.com, which conducted a suvey with Harris Interactive to see where people are making their cell calls. And since it reflects the average Americans, the most popular places to be on the cell are the car and supermarket. Hmm, Gothamist supposes the city versions of that would be the taxi (or bus or subway station, when possible) and the bodega/street, so that sounds about right - we definitely live in a time when we need to let everyone else know what we're doing (thank you, unlimited nights and weekends). Bathroom cell usage has dropped from 62% in 2003 to 38% in 2006 - maybe the story of the man who dropped his cellphone into a Metro-North train toilet (ew ew ew) and got his arm stuck scared people! The Post decided to ask people how they felt about bathroom cell use:

"It's annoying," said Will Batzle, 31, a networking engineer who recalled yesterday that he was in a public restroom at Penn Station recently and a guy on a cell "was cursing his wife out - things you shouldn't be hearing in public."

But Jennifer Tranel, who is visiting the Big Apple from Wisconsin, said, "I'd rather they use it in the bathroom than in the middle of a movie theater."

Word - we can deal with being confused when people start chatting to us in the bathroom, only to realize they are on the phone, but when people's phones ring - or glow - during a movie, we go insane.

Where are you usually using your cellphone? What do you think of taking cell calls at work - is that kosher or if that verboten?