Beloved jingle subjects Ross Cellino and Stephen Barnes have been embroiled in a vicious legal battle of late, but their faces still adorn subway ads citywide, haunting us with the memory of their once-happy union. Thankfully, it appears one brave soul has separated Cellino & Barnes in their time of war.

A tipster provided us with the above photo, shot at the entrance to the Manhattan/Queens-bound 9 Street Station R station in Brooklyn. It appears some guerrilla artist has been working through their feelings about the injury attorneys' impending breakup. According to Twitter, Barnes got the same treatment at the Bay Ridge-bound entrance:

The Cellino & Barnes drama has been intense. Last week, it was revealed Barnes was seeking a restraining order against Cellino, who he claimed was trying to steal away staffers to start a new firm. Then, Cellino claimed Barnes engaged in "dictatorial" behavior and called an employee a "fucking coward" for not signing an oath of loyalty. Now, a handful of Cellino & Barnes attorneys have filed an affidavit that seeks to keep the firm from dissolving.

The Buffalo News reports Cellino and Barnes have each made $10 million per year over the last four years, but all the rest of us have are the memories.