2005_03_artscelebutantes.jpgYou can pretty much go to UCB Theater on any given night and enjoy some good comedy at a low price. This is why Gothamist maintains that UCB is the best date place ever, it loosens you up with laughs and cocktails and then you can go on your merry way giddy with alcohol and laughter in your system. But we digress. Tonight Celebutantes brings to life the tabloids and gossip websites right before your very eyes. In their second full length show, Liz Black and Glennis McMurray worship, alienate and finally become celebrities. The show parodies the Oscars, re-enacts Brad and Jen's entire relationship in 3 minutes in Spanish and culminates in a cabaret show that Aaron Spelling only wishes he could have produced. It promises more pop culture references than the Gilmore Girls. Which is a lot! Gilmore Girls even beat out the OC on referencing the Arcade Fire. So if you love pop culture and laughing at the expense of broken hearted celebrities, then this may just be the show for you.
Details: Written and Performed by Glennis McMurray and Liz Black
Monday, March 14, 9:30 p.m. $5
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater [307 W. 26th St. @ 8th Ave]
We're guessing this must directly follow Demetri Martin's show.