2005_03_umbrellafarn.jpgWhile it's clear that NY Times Public Lives profilee Henry S. Schleiff, head of Court TV, is a smart man, he betrays any illusion of being in touch with pop culture. Sure, he may have attempted to get a job at Saturday Night Live, but we can pretty much see why. Check out this from the article:

"Thanks to Michael Jackson, one can no longer assume that just because you see an umbrella, it means it must be raining," marvels Mr. Schleiff, sneaking a peak as his office television replays Mr. Jackson's daily perp walk - no moonwalk, this - from limo door to courthouse door. An umbrella on a sunny day: never assume! Journalism and jurisprudence, Mr. Schleiff's twin muses, absolutely forbid it. But humor is his oxygen.

Has Mr. Schleiff been blind to the cultural phenomenon that is the relationship between P. Diddy and Farnsworth Bentley? Has he not see OutKast's The Way You Move? Or even the Chappelle Show spoof of Making The Band?

The NY Times on how a young man from Georgia shot to fame via an umbrella.