Halloween by Jerry SeinfeldMichiko Kakutani looks at various celebrity chidren's book authors (some Madonna, some Lynne Cheney, even Keith Hernandez) and finds many of them, with their "very special messages," uninspiring. However, the one she takes to task is Jerry Seinfeld for his book, Halloween:

"Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween has an even more offensive message: greed is good and rudeness is funny. His hero, an obnoxious brat, spurns some of the trick-or-treat candy he has received with snarky disdain: 'Do me a favor, you keep that one,' he tells an old woman who has given him an orange marshmallow treat. 'We've got all the doorstops we need already, thank you very much. We're going for NAME CANDY ONLY this year.'"

We never opened up the book because we weren't sure about the Little Jerry on the cover, but now Gothamist is fantasizing about a Little Larry David book. Like a tiny bald, grey-haired beak nosed boy running around being a brat.