2005_12_artsyamaholiday.gifBecky Yamamoto is a super stand up performer for sure, but she is also an awesome audience member. Her laugh is loud and infectious and puts performers at ease because her enthusiasm for her peers is so genuine. Which is why we think the holiday show Becky is hosting at Galapagos [70 N. 6th St., Williamsburg] on Friday will be full of noggy cheer and also goodwill toward men and peace and stuff. A mix of music (The Flanks) and comedy (Michelle Collins, Tony Carnevale, Jon Friedman, Sara Schafer, and so many more) defines the Yamaholiday season.
Friday December 9, 8pm. $5

The Adventures of Lock and Kay

What makes a pop music duo a worldwide phenomenon? Pop Superstar Duo Lock and Kay know. In their show at the UCB, Lennon Parham and Melle Powers go from little pageant princesses to pop superstar royalty, struggle with their parents and finally find their voices in one another. The strength of this show lies in the live song and dance numbers as well as a Public Service Announcement about self-love and a country music video about child abuse that are both topical and touching (ew).
UCB Theatre [307 W. 26th St] Mondays, December 12 and 19, 8pm. $5

Slightly Known People Is Seeing Other People

Slightly Known People are breaking up with you. All five members of this sketch group wanted to let you down easy and to do that, they have titled their latest show “Slightly Known People Is Seeing Other People”. But maybe you guys can still be friends? And like, maybe you should check out their latest show to prove there are no hard feelings? They performed to a sold out crowd last week, and their show has a run this month at Rififi [332 E. 11th St.] every Saturday night at 8pm. ($5) This week they welcome the sketch group Future Folk as their special guests. But wait is that awkward for you? Like, Harry-and-Sally-running-into-Ira-and-Helen-at-the-Sharper-Image Awkward? At least at this show there’s no chance of you getting caught singing “Surrey With The Fringe on Top”.