2006_1_mlk1.jpgLet's check in and see how our usual link-buddies are celebrating the holiday:

From Our pals at OverheardinNY:

The Public Transportation Will Be All Backwards
MC guy: So...you've probably been out hitting the New Year's sales...What's the next holiday to get its own sale? Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? I wonder how they'll promote that sale.
Audience guy: ...Free at last!
--Sidewalk Cafe, Avenue A

Dr. King Must Have Been Dreaming
White guy on cell: Yo, shit nigga, this shit the bomb!
Black guy: If you close your eyes, he almost sounds like the real deal.
--Houston & Varick
Overheard by: Adam Nathan

At the Smoking Gun, they've had Martin Luther King's mugshot up for awhile, but recently added an entire gallery of other Civil Rights icons-- great stuff.

Kottke's on fire with multiple MLK links today, including this gallery of MLK-named streets, these shots from MLK Blvd in New Orleans, and this archive of MLK speeches.

Gawker proves that snarking MLK is difficult indeed. Meow! Update: apparently Gawker has declared war on MLK! Check out this post of xxxMLK-day craigslist ads.

And we started MLK a little early with an interesting discussion about race and class in the public schools yesterday.

What are you doing today to celebrate Martin Luther King's legacy?