Hopefully by now you've already gotten a chance to have brunch with your mom (or whatever motherly figure you have in your life), or call and thank her for putting up with you and all the dumb, unseemly things you do. It seems someone has decided to celebrate by putting stickers reading "Reserved for mothers today" all over the M Train, then taking photos of happy families on this Tumblr. And that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mother's Day tributes.

We've contacted the MTA to find out if they have any affiliation with the stickers (although we highly doubt it)—putting stickers on the subway could warrant a criminal mischief charge (which is intent to damage property of another without permission), but hopefully the MTA won't be too harsh with them.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney released Mother's Day videos which you can watch below—but be prepared to brush your teeth afterwards to get that taste of sugar out of your mouth:

If you are still craving more Mother's Day hoopla, check out some user-submitted fun mom photos at My Mother The Style Icon and