The Great American Day of Beach Independence is being threatened by a nasty tropical storm this year, and there's a good chance you won't be able to spend this bonus day off getting sunburned on Rockaway. Luckily, you've got your trusty pal Netflix on hand to keep you occupied all day long, and the site's ever-changing streaming selection has got lots of patriotic movies on hand for your enjoyment. Here are some choice picks:

THE EXPENDABLES 2: America loves action movies, and this film stars literally every major American action film star. Well, technically Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger aren't American, but at least one of them held public office in this country, sooooo....

APOCALYPSE NOW: Remember that time we fought a little land war in Southeast Asia? But the '60s were cool because of The Doors. 'MURICA.

ROSWELL: This historical series documents the experience of three alien/human hybrids forced to live among Earthling teenagers in New Mexico. Aliens live among us, and one of them is Katherine Heigl.

PATTON: WAR. What is it good for? Oscar-winning movies, and America! See also: Apocalypse Now.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Ryan Murphy's much-discussed anthology series aims to dig into all the terrible things that happened at various points in America's history. Want to know what it was like to be trapped in a psychiatric hospital run by possessed nuns in the 1950s? Well, hello! Plus, Jessica Lange is a fox, even when she's evil.

PROHIBITION: Man, Prohibition sucked. Watch this Ken Burns documentary and drink all the alcohol, just because you can.

TOO CUTE: Okay, fine, this Animal Planet show isn't exactly patriotic, but Netflix says it's about "the coming-of-age stories of kittens and puppies from special litters as they grow from helpless fur balls to rambunctious young animals." Sure, Arthur stole your beach day, but LOOK AT THE PUPPY!!!!

PATRIOT GAMES: Patriot Games is about a CIA agent, has the word "Patriot" in its title and stars Harrison Ford, who is a real life American treasure. Make the ghost of Allen Dulles proud.

WAYNE'S WORLD: Wayne's World is an iconic American film created by and starring and starring a Canadian. Moreover, it features Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Rob Lowe and an extended Led Zeppelin-related scene, so you know it knows what's up.

GLADIATOR: This movie has nothing to do with America, but it's really good. Relish its time on Netflix while you still can.