Sometimes we just can't get over the cruelty of people. Over in the Gothamist Forum, Lisa, Cecil's foster mom, alerted us to a cat that was found in Greenpoint with some serious injuries. She writes:

Cecil is a 5 month-old kitten who was found in Greenpoint. Someone had bound him with a cord or wire so tight that it cut into his neck, opening wounds that became badly infected. He also has other medical issues and tomorrow goes in for a consultation with an opthalmologist to discuss repairing his eyes. His eyelids are only partially formed causing the fur to rub against his eyes.

Cecil is now at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition in Williamsburg where he's got a mighty big hill to climb before recovery. The 5-month old cat has several problems including a heart murmur and a condition that is affecting his eyes. If you're interested in Cecil's progress, the BARC has a blog (of course) where you read about everything that he's gone through since being found in mid-April.

The BARC is also having a benefit concert this Saturday in Williamsburg.