2006_01_artslovemonkey.jpgWe loved that show "Ed", we really did. Did you know that the town in it, Stuckeyville, is Nyack, NY? Anyway, we were quite happy to see Tom Cavanagh (Ed, himself) is back on the tube, this time in the form of Tom Farrell in a show called Love Monkey.

The reasons we're interested in this show are threefold. First, because we love Tom Cavanagh. Second, we'd like to see if CBS can pull off a good series. And third, because we may actually be able to relate to a NY character on a tv show, for once (a music lover who may actually take the subway!) Farrell is a 30-something record executive in NYC who spends his time going to shows and trying to find love on this island. Shots from the preview we saw included him walking out of CBGB's, which begs the question: will there be musical performances by unknown, hip bands (like in the OC)? We're sure there eventually will be. And will Tom Farrell be reading blogs to get hot new band tips? Only time will tell.

Related: This piece of reportage was in Gawker Stalker yesterday:

"Tom Cavanaugh et al were filming in my apartment building foyer this morning. Seems that they’ve taken over parts of Lafayette (mainly my apt. building stoop) to film Love Monkey. My dog’s walk was completely disturbed, but I must admit, the actor did open the door for me at 8:15 am. What a gentleman."

The new show is based on the best-selling book by Kyle Smith (which we wrote about last year).

UPDATE: this just in our inbox from Jonny Kaps. New York band "Eugene will be performing on CBS's Love Monkey Tuesday, January 31st 9pm. And will be playing the Love Monkey Viewing Party (acoustic set) on January 31st, 8pm. Pianos Upstairs [158 Ludlow @ Stanton]"

UPDATE: this just in our inbox. "Aimee Mann will be performing and acting on "Love Monkey." She recently filmed an episode (which is to air Jan 31) where she plays herself, and is a friend to Tom Farrell (Cavanaugh) and gives him advice on how to get an artist on Letterman. Aimee also performs."