2005_08_artscbgb.jpgAnd with a very un-Punk whimper CB's Hilly Kristal admits to the Post what has been obvious to the rest of us for quite some time now. CBGB's, home of Country, Blue Grass, Blues & Other Music For Urban Gourmandisers, will eventually be leaving its home on the Bowery and Joey Ramone Place for greener pastures.

Kristal told the Post that "I'll definitely be out in a year - unless some miracle happens." Which, considering how many people and groups have already tried to provide that miracle since news of the venue's landlord issues first arose, seems unlikely to us.

The sad truth of the matter is that Gothamist is really, truly, over the "Save CB's" movement (maybe that started when Bloomberg posed with the shirt? Or maybe we were never really under it?). As such anybody mind waking us up when it actually really closes? As far as punks in the East Village are concerned, at this point we'd be happy to settle with just getting back the cube.