The other NYC-set cop show, CSI: NY, gets a push from its network's advertising and promotions department: The outside of CBS headquarters (aka Black Rock) is swathed in tape announcing the show's premiere tonight, as Flickr user tschopper's photograph shows. And elsewhere on Flickr, Baby Dove reveals the huge chalk outline in front of the CBS doors.

So it's a showdown between CSI:NY and Law & Order: CSI: NY's episode is about someone's death while scaling the Empire State Building (!!) and L&O has something complicated involving Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter and Estella Warren, continuing yesterday's L&O: SVU episode. Gothamist likes the flash of CSI: NY's concept, and we're a sucker for L&O's stunt casting. However, CSI: NY loses points for not filming in NYC (though some NYers might hail that) and L&O loses points for crossover episodes (we love Detective Benson, this is only the secnod can't be that desperate...can you?). So, advantage goes to the 9PM fight, a face-off between Lost on ABC and Veronica Mars on UPN - we hate you, TV programmers!