Next year the CBGB Festival will return for its 2nd annual takeover of NYC venues. Current co-owner Tim Hayes tells us, "This past July was a huge success and we are increasing it's size tremendously. Our dates will be May 15th to 19th, 2013." Maybe Pussy Riot will be free to play?

This time around they "plan to host events in 175 venues. We will reprise every element from our 2012 festival including multipule stages in Times Square and in Central Park." Though hopefully one thing won't be repeated—like the bitter feud between some past and present Cro-Mags members that led to a stabbing during the fest.

Hayes adds, "We will exponentially grow the rock-and-roll film festival with more premieres, more hosted screenings and more titles." Maybe that will include the CBGB movie currently being filmed—it was just announced it would be ready for release next year.

We've asked Hayes for an update on the reopening of CBGB as a venue, but sadly the building they wanted on Orchard Street didn't work out, and they're pushing on to find another good fit.