A cautionary for anyone who doesn't work from home or have a doorman to sign for packages: A poor individual, shelling out $200 (plus handling fees!) for Morrissey's concert last night, had the tickets sent to his dad's office, only for the tickets to be delivered, signed for, and then "misplaced." The bereft soul asked the Ask Gothamist braintrust what should happen next (going over to the office with a baseball bat is not one of them). A timely story, since many people seem to have items shipped to their offices or other people's offices.

The Post says that Morrissey "was compelled to whip off his shirt, flashing pasty English flesh for a couple of seconds" in its review of Monday's night concert. stereogum has a setlist from kind concertgoers and more concert info. And you can pose questions to Ask Gothamist yourelf (e-mail ask@gothamist.com).