Street artist Shepard Fairey gained fame after years of putting up his Obey stickers and wheatpastes on every surface of this and other cities—but does he do it all himself now that he's got fame and, presumably, fortune? According to his wife: no way. But of course, that's not what he wants you to think. TMZ recently bombarded the couple at the airport, where their awkward interaction went something like this:

TMZ: You know, people go out and put the posters you ever do that yourself?
Shepard Fairey's wife: Long time ago...
Shepard Fairey: What are you... don't answer stuff, please. Jesus. What is your problem? You're not stupid.
Shepard Fairey's wife [to TMZ]: You know what, we have to stop this right now.

End scene. Watch it all on YouTube here, and then ask yourself: did you really think that he was putting all these things up himself these days... or just when there's a photo opp and paycheck?