We were perusing the theater reviews in the Times when we caught this review from Charles Isherwood for the play, Indoor/Outdoor. According to the play's website at the DR2 Theatre, it's about Samantha the house cat who "dreams of adventure and risks everything to find true unconditional love, but will she find her dreams in the home of her quirky owner or with a sexy alley cat in the great outdoors?" Isherwood didn't feel up to the task, so he ceded his reviewing duties:

To assess the play's merits, I enlisted the aid of two guest commentators: Jane, 11, a flame-point Siamese, and Prudence, 12, a tabby. Their conversation has been translated from the feline by me.

Jane: Well, the set's cute.

Prudence: Floor-to-ceiling carpet. Looks reasonably plush. What's not to like?

Jane: But where's the news here? It's the old boy-loves-cat, boy-loses-cat, boy-gets-cat-back story.

And the review goes on. This has meant non-stop mewing from our various cats who are demanding bylines (pawlines?) and Movable Type primers. Coming soon: A post about the merits of new furniture from Mortimer the Abyssinian.

Hey, actually the website for the play is cool - they show the staff's cats! Gothamist's posts about theater and animals.