We were looking at some photographs and noticed this one by NYCViaRachel on Flickr. It's apparently the fourth cat on a leash she's seen, and she wondered, "Seriously what the f*** people?" And Gothamist has to concur. We understand that cats enjoy new smells and sights just as much as their big cat relatives, walking a cat on a city street is very puzzling. Do their owners wipe their paws when they get home? Yes, cats like (and lick) their butts, but goodness knows what on the sidewalks of the city.

Other instances of cats on leashes around the city: At the brooklyn Museum by c_damage, a cat in a tank top, a cat in autumn leaves, and on a man's head in SoHo (really). And there was a big brouhaha about dogs off leashes earlier this month. Cats off their leashes are better known as feral cats.

Photograph of cat on a leash during the summer by NYCviaRachel