It's not Caturday, but it might as well be at the NY Times. There are two (TWO!) big cat stories. The first is about how the $4,000 hypoallergenic are in demand. We're still not sure about hypoallergenic cats, but these kitties certainly look very sweet. And the article mentions the travails of Harlem Fur's cat Cimbi and owners Cheryl and Chris. They decided Cimbi needs a new home last week given Cheryl's allergies - and we're sure Cimbi will new loving home soon - she looks like a doll and even likes to be walked on her leash.

The other article is an amusing travelogue by William Grimes who decided to take a road trip with his two cats Sweetzie and Soda. Needless to say, it's like a march to see Colonel Kurtz:

1 P.M. I pull into the first available McDonald’s parking lot, grab a stack of napkins and try to clean out Sweetzie’s carrier. It is a big job. The deeper I reach into the carrier, the more Sweetzie feels cornered. She mounts a slashing attack, leaving bloody stripes up and down my arm, then does an imitation of Linda Blair’s voice in “The Exorcist.” Lingering fragrance suggests more work needs to be done.

2:15 P.M. Incessant cries of the damned cause me to open the cat carriers. Soda moves into new, improvised litter box on floor (baking pan acquired at dollar store along the road), and takes a jubilant dust bath. Sweetzie finds her way to a fleece cat bed on floor behind front passenger seat and hunkers down, eyes glowing with an insane luminescence. Peace descends.

If only there was a video to accompany it! And we've been waiting two years for him to write about animals in the city.

Awesome photograph of a cool cat from occipital lobe on Flickr