2005_11_mrpinkspeaker.jpgAn exciting follow-up to our post on how cats love TV: There's an actual Internet radio station, DogCatRadio.com, that caters to pets. And their owners, we imagine, because if pets can email cute photographs of themselves, then they should be able to clean up their own poo. Anyway, the NY Times spoke to founder AdrianMartinez about the genesis of the station:

Mr. Martinez, 34, who owns six dogs and two cats, said he founded the station because "my cat, Snickers, asked me to do it." One day, Snickers was pacing the floor restlessly and meowing. "I said, 'What do you want?' " Mr. Martinez recalled in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. "I turned up the music, and she was fine." He discovered that Snickers likes 80's rock, particularly the Eddie Money version of the song "Take Me Home Tonight:" "I feel a hunger /It's a hunger that tries to keep a man awake at night."

Mr. Martinez added, "I wanted to do something for the pet community."

This, though, opens up the debate about who rules the house more: Cats or dogs? Anyway, when Gothamist tuned into DogCatRadio last night, we heard "From this Moment" by Shania Twain ("I live only for your happiness"). So we must ask, what music do your pets like? Or do they prefer talk radio or NPR?

Photograph of Mr. Pink and a beloved computer speaker on Flickr from Information Leafblower