2006_04_tabbycat.jpgThe Myers of Keswick cat has been stuck in a wall for almost two weeks, according to the NY Post (whose headlines says "Get Me-Out!"). The poor kitty, named Molly, was originally thought to be be stolen, but then people to started hearing meows (the meowing wall?). The fire department found a hole Molly probably used to disappear; however, yesterday, when the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit (ESU - that's totally a show idea) came in, the "sensor- detecting equipment and snake-head cameras" were used to no avail. Gah! It's 2006 - we put a man on the moon ages ago and they can't find a cat in the wall? Gothamist hopes that Molly will figure her way out - we imagine there's some food by the hole - or that she'll find some bugs and rodents to munch on. A friend's cat managed to wander into the wall and into a crawlspace, so the owner had to cut a hole in the wall to retrieve that rascaly Patches (the owner then patched up and repainted the wall, lest the landlord be the wiser!).

Just two weeks ago, a Tennessee cat stuck in a wall waved its paw to let people know where it was. And Myers of Keswick is where you can get all sorts of British goodies - like homemade pies and cans of spotted dick.