2005_10_09_billybobandannab.jpg Woops! Why didn't somebody tell us that the third annual Cat Championship at Madison Square Garden was this weekend? Not to be confused with the Westminster Dog Show the Cat competition... Actually you should feel free to confuse the two, as they seem to be basically the same thing (show, shops and adoption tables set up in the Garden being the main features). One just has prestige and the other has cats. Anywho, the big news at this years show is the addition of a "Feline Agility Competition" which according to the website includes "Cats scurrying through tunnels, jumping, running mazes - every bit as exciting as in the dog fancy! Don't miss It. It will fill your need for laughter and fun." And if that doesn't fill your needs, the good people of the Cat Show want you to know that you can buy the commemorative jewelry here. Oh, and in case you were worried about the stress of this new addition to the show, the Agility comp has no effect on the Best in Show prize. That is decided based on looks alone.

Want to know what happened at yesterdays half of the show? The Post has coverage.(Aside: As you can see, our cats were so mad when they heard that we hadn't entered them that they had to lie down, so we'd hate to see what Thompson is going to do to Jake when he finds out that he wasn't going this year).