Benjamin BrattBenjamin Bratt will be playing Detective Tom Lone to Halle Berry's Catwoman in the upcoming Catwoman film; Sharon Stone is still slated to be play the villainess.
While Gothamist is disappointed Owen Wilson won't be in the role, Bratt is a good choice, as he's had experience playing a detective as well as dealing with one of the biggest actresses in the world, whereas Wilson probably would have stolen the film. Note to director Pitof: As Bratt can be rather wooden in his acting, just play it safe by having him shirtless as much as possible. Or ramp up the number of sex scenes between him and Halle.

Jason SchwartzmanSteve Martin's novella, Shopgirl, will start filming in mid-October, with Martin playing Ray, Claire Danes as glove salesgirl Mirabelle, and Jason Schwartzman as her feckless but like-aged suitor, Jeremy. Originally Jimmy Fallon was mentioned as a possible candidate for the role of Jeremy, but may have had to drop out, due to his Saturday Night Live commitments as well as filming Taxi with Queen Latifah and Gisele Bundchen here in NY. In this case, Gothamist is pleased with the casting Schwartzman, because it means that Max Fischer meets Angela Chase. [Via Variety]