Oh universe, please let this be fake. Allegedly there's some reality television casting call signage hanging out in Williamsburg (and being hosted online) that Curbed got a hold of. We can't in good faith even print the entire ad here, but it starts out with a bang, asking: "Did you wake up today around 1:30 EST in your industrial loft, pull on your favorite (and only) pair of cutoff jean shorts, and take a leisurely stroll down Bedford Avenue in search of organic green juice and the new DFA on vinyl?" References to tofu, American Apparel, Dan Deacon and even the Hipster Grifter follow. They're looking for 18-25 year old stereotypical hipsters who won't mind opening their doors up to a camera crew—shouldn't be too hard, especially since there is somehow cash involved—and the email to contact the show ends in hipsterhood.com, though nothing is hosted at that URL right now. Maybe they should just get Kari Ferrell to host a Super Funtime Happy Grifter Game Show Hour where helpless hipsters win fabulous prizes for fending off mouth handjobs.