It's been an exciting few months for "cultured" people who like things like Jonathan Franzen, Noah Baumbach, and premium cable. We first started hearing the rumblings of an HBO adaptation of Franzen's 2001 novel The Corrections back in September, when Brooklyn indie darling Noah Baumbach threw his hat into the director's ring. Then, at this month's New Yorker fest, Franzen took a break from name-dropping Oprah to confirm the deal, adding that the adaptation would be a full four-year series. And now, the casting rumors are upon us!

EW is reporting that Dianne Weist, who totally nailed it in HBO's In Treatment, is on board to play matriarch Enid Lambert, a juicy role that could very well put her on the express train to Awards Town. And while early rumors attached Anthony Hopkins and Donald Sutherland to the equally meaty role of patriarch Alfred Lambert, EW says the role is thisclose to being given to Chris Cooper.

No word yet on who's set to take the three grown Lambert children, though we could see Kat Dennings as Denise. And its worth noting this teeny tiny detail: HBO has yet to officially sign off on a pilot, but let's not let logistics stand in the way of widespread speculation!