With summer in full swing and cat naps very much in vogue, what better gift than a new mattress? It's something we all need, and the sleep experts at Casper are here to provide an entirely new mattress buying experience—one that doesn't involve heavy lifting or a delivery fee.

With a mix of one-of-a-kind memory foam for support and latex foam for some necessary bounce, you'll find no stodginess or stiffness here. The surface of the mattress molds and shapes to your body, which is what everyone dreams of, but the foam also stays cool throughout the night; no more memory foam night sweats. (That's especially great news for those of us without AC!) What's more, the whole thing is delivered straight to your door in a small "how did they do that?" sized box.


And the truth is, finding a mattress is hard, but getting it home is even harder. Even if you do own a car, here's one time you don't have to use it; avoid the struggle of strapping a mattress to your roof and questioning whether it'll ever survive the trek home. Instead, you'll get that giant mattress in a petite box, right at your door, for free.

Perhaps the best part of Casper's model is that if, within 100 days of delivery, you just aren't feeling it, they'll come pick up your mattress and take it away for a full refund. It's the very definition of zero hassle.

Ready to give it a try? Order your new mattress using our exclusive offer code GOTHAMIST at checkout to get $50 off the sleep surface you'll no doubt describe as 'just right.'

This post is brought to you by Casper.