A group of Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost loved ones in the inexorable conflict have united to present a traveling exhibit of editorial cartoons that address the situation. The show, called "Cartoons in Conflicts," opened in Chelsea last night, and organizers say the cartoons are "meant to promote peace, tolerance and understanding... portraying complicated and challenging ideas with just a few penstrokes." Some of the 40 artists involved include Nobel laureate Pat Oliphant, Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Morin, syndicated political cartoonist Jeff Danziger, and The New Yorker's Liza Donnelly, as well as international artists No Rio of Japan, Plantu of France, El-Roto of Spain.

"Cartoons get at the essence of an idea and help people really feel an issue," Donelly tells the Daily News. And Mazen Faraj, a member of the Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF), one of the groups behind the exhibit, says, "It's easy to forget the human side in this. The cartoons help show the real face of the conflict. They help people realize that we are all in this together. We are doing everything we can to spread our message of reconciliation. The cartoons keep us connected to our history and help us learn from these experiences."