0807real3rd.jpgHas MTV's The Real World faked out Brooklyn? First they're all but confirmed to move into Downtown Brooklyn's BellTell Lofts, with rumors of a Carroll Gardens residence quickly disappearing, but now an intern says the show "may not even film there because they were having some issues with the BellTel Lofts building with the location at 116 Third Place in Carroll Gardens as the backup." Residents beware! The Real Deal all but confirms the Carroll Gardens locale, saying that "equipment that will be used for the show's filming has been transported from BellTel to the new location." Curbed warns of the inevitable protests, message board madness, and dare we say riots that the show will be met with in the neighborhood. It's gonna be so real.

UPDATE:Curbed is reporting on a rumor that The Real World is now moving to...Red Hook!