Sarah Jessica Parker, David Duchovny; Photo - NY PostFor once, Gothamist might be saying there's too much information. It was bad enough knowing Ron Livingston had only signed on for eight episodes (so far?) for Sex and the City before the season even started, meaning Jack Berger is probably not anything too permanent. It's just that there's something wonderfully (relatively) sane and normal about Berger that's even more of a fantasy than Chris Noth's Big, who, by recent Gawker accounts, is looking really rough.

The new news is that David Duchovny has signed on for four episodes, most likely to play a romantic interest for Carrie Bradshaw. Yay, David Duchovny, but this is just a reminder that Berger is on his way out. Maybe he'll do something reprehensible, but it's still Peter Gibbons.

Duchovny is no stranger to sex: He was the "Narrator" on the soft-core Red Shoe Diaries and on the X-Files, he had a predilection for porn, complete with subscription to Adult Video News.