Have you seen Caroline Woolard's giant tin can telephone, the blue seats she placed around town as part of the ConFlux festival...or found some of her released hair?

If you don't already know her, this artist creates "platforms for experience". Above, you can watch a clip from her (genius!) subway swing project. From her blog:

"Here is my swing for the subway, disguised as a bag. With 1000 mesh "L-train grey" cordura, webbing, sliders, hooks, velcro, and snaps, I constructed a bag using industrial sewing machines (with help from Greg Thompson). The bag transforms from a backpack, handbag, or book bag of 11x4x12 to a swing of 11x24x2 with adjustable (25" to 50"max) straps that hook around the handrail of the subway. If you want one, I am accepting commissions."

We're thinking about commissioning her for one of those, though we'd imagine it would be frowned upon on the F train during rush hour. You can check out her work in person, tonight through December 12th at Cooper Union Foundation Building, 2nd Floor [7 E 7th Street]. From 6 to 8pm.