Have the Olympics whet your appetite for competition? Is your definition of "sports" a lot looser than the next person's? Well then, step right up, for tomorrow afternoon the Cardboard Tube Fighting League is hosting a tournament.

This event hasn't happened since 2009, though Nonsense NY says it's been four years since the last battle (putting it on the old Olympics schedule)... they also say it's happening in August and that it's tomorrow (and last week they said it was last week). This is turning into that time we tried to go to a rave. How does this work?!

From what we can tell, if you show up at McCarren Park tomorrow between 12:30 and 2 p.m., you'll get a cardboard tube (you aren't allowed to bring outside tubes) which you can then hit people with. They also encourage you to wear cardboard breastplates, gauntlets, helmets, and cod-pieces for the "head-to-head duels and full melee battles." Obviously this should go smoothly and without incident.