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A poor man's Michel Gondry tried to create a cardboard apartment in the subway system, but we've seen children's forts built out of Fresh Direct boxes more aesthetically pleasing than this. Less is more when it comes to cardboard, especially on city's trains.

The MTA's Adam Lisberg commented to us, "I don't know what the heck it is, but if it impeded any of our 6 million daily customers from getting on a train or finding a seat, it never should have been there in the first place." It's unclear if the MTA has located the set—which includes a chair, rug, curtains, frames, a wall, a dresser, and tags that say things like "Love the snow, try sleeping on it"—but it was spotted as recently as three hours ago:

UPDATE: Some clearer photos of the writing show this may be a statement on homelessness. [via Reddit]