SantaCon organizers have released the list of participating bars that will be welcoming visitors from the North Pole tomorrow. At this time, SantaCon is only sharing the list through their official app, which costs $.99 (organizers say that money goes to charity). Here's where Santa can be Santa without being judged or ridiculed by an intolerant, Santaphobic world:

230 Fifth Ave Rooftop & Lounge (230 5th Ave, St. 1806, NY)
Joshua Tree (513 3rd Ave, NY)

Nelly Spillane's (18 E 33rd St., NY)
Rattle n Hum (14 E 33rd St, NY)

Maru Karaoke Lounge (11 W 32nd St, NY)
Mustang Sally's (324 7th Ave, NY)
Foley’s (18 W 33rd, NY)

Jack Dempsey's (36 W 33rd St, NY)
Mustang Harry’s (352 7th Ave, NY)
Rick's Cabaret (50 W 33rd St., NY)

Slattery's (8 W 36th St, NY)
American Whiskey (247 W 30th St., NY)
Slake (251 W 30th St, NY)

Red Room (251 W 30th St, NY)
Playwright Irish Pub (27 W 35th St, NY)
Galway Pub (7 E 36th St, NY)

The Liberty (29 W 35th St, NY)
Feile (131 W 33rd St, NY)
Suite 36 (16 W 36th St, NY)

Stout (133 W 33rd St, NY)
Blarney Rock (137 W 33rd St, NY)
The Thirsty Fan (254 W 31st St, NY)

Tempest (407 8th Ave, NY)
The Keg Room (53 W 36th St, NY)
Reichenbach Beer Hall (5 W 37th St, NY)

Butterfield 8 (5 E 38th St, NY)
The Australian (20 W 38th St, NY)
Lucys (1 Penn Plaza, NY)

Vivid Cabaret (61 W 37th St, NY)
Beer Authority (615 8th Ave, NY)

Yesterday SantaCon organizers urged participants to confine their often raucous revelry to the above list of establishments—which are mercifully located in the worst part of midtown—and to stay off the streets as much as possible. Explaining that "this is a different year," one organizer told us, "This is a stressful time for New York City, and we are in the midst of a protest that is spreading the NYPD thin. SantaCon has compassion for these civic organizations and is working with them to have a peaceful and joyful holiday celebration."

Besides the list of bars, the SantaCon app offers other helpful tips:

Yeah, maybe that's why Santa needs a lawyer...

SantaCon begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday. For text updates on the route, text "Follow SantaCon" to 40404.