2006_07_arts_jellynyc.jpgThis weekend starts the first in the series of free (and not-so-free) concerts at McCarren Park Pool. For those who didn't want to spend 50-something dollars on Bloc Party, JellyNYC has come to the rescue with some great shows. Each one of The Pool Parties has been "curated" by different groups of people, the first by our friends over at Stereogum.com along with IceCreamMan.com. If you don't know, the latter actually has an ice cream truck that is taken to shows and events to hand out free ice cream!

So head over this Sunday to see what McCarren Park Pool is going to be like as a venue, as Les Savy Fav, Beans with Holy Fuck, Dragons of Zynth and Proton Proton take the stage. Finger on the Pulse will be manning the decks.

Check out the full summer schedule here.