AmyBridgetIn the world of "girls trying to make it in the city" journalism, Gothamist has been reading Amy Sohn's Naked City column in New York magazine for a while, with a bulletproof formula of sex, personal musings, more sex, New York context, maybe a big picture idea but not necessarily. Lately, we've noticed the Post has its variation on the them in Bridget Harrison. Both seem to be positioning themselves as the 21st century's Candace Bushnell, whose Sex and the City column in the Observer launched, well, you know: The show, the attitude, the enabling of shoe obsessions, Patricia Field as fashion authority, etc.

We love their columns this week: Bridget Harrison's Hello: Are You Of Any Use to Me?, is about how New Yorkers socialize to get work - don't we know it. Amy Sohn talks about the power of Craig's List for booty calls.

In the spirit of Fametracker's 2 Stars, 1 Slot, Gothamist calls this 2 Journalists, 1 Slot: The Battle of the NY Sex Columnist. And advantage goes to Amy Sohn, but that's only because she's actually written the official Sex and the City tie-in book, Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell. Bridget Harrison has been more confessional lately, while Amy Sohn has been more investigative. But Amy has her own site.