The Post's Beth Adelman explained how cats can be cool to men, after fielding yet another, "I have two cats, and my new boyfriend doesn't like cats at all. What should I do?" question. Adelman gives some reasons on how cats can be appealing to the Y-chromosome:

[Cats] are also perfect killing machines - the crack Marine unit of the animal world. They are armed like Samurai, with razor-sharp claws and fangs that they can delicately slide between the vertebrae of an animal's neck. After all, cats are descendants of the tribe of the tiger - they sneak up silently on their prey and dispatch it with an efficiency that inspires awe and respect. You can see that savage power when you play with them. They "kill" their toys with pure, merciless joy.

But this brings up a good question: What do you do when your boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she doesn't like your pet? Do you enter relationship counseling, do you think of new places for your pet to go, or douse your new flame and show him/her the door?

Photograph of aerodynamic Randolph by Tien Mao