sesame1.jpgToday is an exciting day for anybody under the age of five...well, and for some of us bigger people too. Today, Sesame Street launched its 35th season with the first of 26 brand new episodes! Gothamist is stoked.

For more than three decades, Sesame Street has been teaching kids letters, numbers and important life lessons. Like just the other day, Sesame Street taught us that even someone as big as Snuffy can do ballet...a message Gothamist took to heart. The show is currently filmed in Queens and its original design was based on Brooklyn Heights. Just the coexistence of the many different muppets on the street is vintage New York, a great monster melting pot. And anyone who's anyone has guested on the show, from Cher right on to Seth Green. Natalie Portman will be making milkshakes for Big Bird tomorrow while Julianne Moore stops by next Wednesday.

Some, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, argue that tv is harmful for children under 2. Sesame Street responded to this by producing a new DVD series, "Sesame Beginnings". Just released, these DVDs feature baby versions of the major characters and are targeted at children from 6 months on - look, baby Prairie Dawn! Take that, Muppet Babies!

If you don't love Sesame Street now, you did at one time and you probably will again. Gothamist hadn't really seen the show for years, but the arrival of a Gothamist baby seven months ago brought it all back. Thanks to Elmo, we actually get a shower every day! However they do it over there, we hope they keep it up. That reminds us, maybe we should contribute during the next pledge drive...we definitely owe them.