Recently a woman who was going to be visiting New York City from Germany emailed us asking us for the location of a scene from Breakfast At Tiffany's. Surprisingly, it wasn't one of the more iconic scenes, so we accepted the challenge. She wrote, "I would love to know which historic landmark the actors are crossing at the enclosed picture. Do you know which building this is? In two weeks from now I plan to go to New York City on vacation, and I would love to see this place." Here's the image she attached—if you want to guess yourself, don't scroll down below the image.


The building in question is at Park and East 52nd Street, and now soul-crushingly houses a Chase Bank. But the main tenant at 370 Park Avenue is The Racquet and Tennis Club—the private social and athletic club that opened in 1918 and still doesn't allow women. Here's what the landmarked building looked like back in the day:

Photo via Library of Congress

And the fountain they sit at across the street, right after they stroll past the club, is still there!