We're back with yet another Guess The Year challenge, with a focus on one of our favorite subjects: suburban homes in NYC. There aren't too many clues pointing towards what era this was taken in, however, so let's focus more on location this time. Can you guess what borough, or even better, what neighborhood this is?

We'll update later with the answer, down to the exact address, as well as the date and the current street view. (P.S. If you cheat, we won't get mad, but we WILL be disappointed in you.)

UPDATE, 5:10 p.m.: This photo was taken in 1937, at 805 27th Avenue (at 9th Street) in Astoria, Queens. The area now looks something more like this:


The photo is from the New York Public Library, and you can see some more photos from that area in 1937 in their collection.